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A club established for individuals who have an interest 
in the restoration and/or preservation of the '55-'56-'57 Chevrolet.
RCC welcomes all make/model of classic vehicles.

     Important note: Between now and February 1 we will be changing Web site providers. Service interruptions are possible and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Next meeting

Thursday, Nov. 15

7 p.m. board meting
7:30 p.m. regular meeting
Colwood Golf Center
7313 Columbia Blvd.
Portland OR

Vase of Roses

The Rose City Classics Christmas Party will be held at Warehouse 23 (100 Columbia St., Vancouver WA ) on December 6. Donna Bukovi says We will meet for drinks and lots of conversation from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. We will line up for food starting at 6:30 p.m.
   Donna said she thought the Christmas ships will be on the river that night.
   Please bring a GOOD white elephant gift if you want to participate in the gift exchange. That gift, when opened, can be stolen only one time. Gifts already selected must be out so they can be SEEN by anyone who might want to steal it.
   Cost for the dinner is $10 per person.
   John Bukovi will again ask the saxophone player to entertain us.  John said he will take care of the expense.

Wine bottle and glass

Theresa Mahlum is busy planning our Annual Banquet. She’s looking at January 11 at Warehouse 23 (100 Columbia St., Vancouver, WA ).
   Theresa is working on gaming tables like last year and hopes to add a second Black Jack table. Everything is still in the planning stage so follow The News for more information.

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A June 15, 2007, burnout incident in Selmer, Tenn., resulted in four fatalities among spectators. Thank you for cooperating with us on our "no burnout policy." We will continue to ban burnouts at all events sponsored by Rose City Classics.